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Breathe Right® Nasal Strip

Breathe Better Sleep Better

Imagine how you feel when your sweet dream is disturbed by your snoring / the snoring of your dear bed partner .....

Imagine how you would be bothered by your blocked nose when you are suffering from allergies, cold and flu .....

If you've ever suffered from snoring or nasal congestion caused by cold / nasal allergy, you may probably understand what a huge difference fast relief can make!

Breathe Right Nasal Strip was developed to make it easier for more people to breathe freely. To enjoy a good sleep; to relieve the blocked nose caused by cold and flu.  And, the product is easy to use.

Give Breathe Right Nasal Strip a try to feel better, sleep better and perform better.


What are Breathe Right Nasal Strips?

Breathe Right Nasal Strips are a drug-free solution to snoring problems. The reflex action springs in the strips gently lift the nostrils, widening the nasal passages.

Structure of Breathe Right Nasal Strip

How do they work?

  1. Nasal valves are narrow openings at the back of each nostril
  2. Breathe Right Nasal Strips attach to the soft areas above the widest part of the nostril
  3. Reflex action gently lifts the nostrils, opening the nose and keeping it open as long as the strip is in place

How to apply the little strip?

Size matters!

Breathe Right Nasal Strip has a size to fit your nose. For best result, find out which size you need.

Breathe Right Nasal strips (For normal skin) 10 strips


Breathe Right Nasal strips (For dry and sensitive skin) 10 strips



1) Where can I buy Breathe Right Nasal Strips in Hong Kong?

  • You can buy them from Personal Care Stores (including Mannings and Watsons) and Pharmacies.

2) Who can benefit from Breathe Right Nasal Strips?

  • Those with snoring problems
  • Those with nasal congestion due to Cold & flu, Allergic rhinitis

3) Helpful tips for using Breathe Right Nasal Strips:

  • Buy the right size for the best results.
  • Do not touch adhesive
  • Use an astringent to clean oily skin before use because oil can reduce the stickiness
  • If skin is dry after use, try skin moisturizer
  • For dry and sensitive skin, put a drop of lotion under the center of the strip (only the ends need to adhere for the strip to work)

4) Cautions for me to pay attention to:

  • Breathe Right Nasal Strips are for external use only
  • Disposable, use each strip only once
  • Do not use over sores, sunburned or irritated skin
  • Do not use for more that 12 hours per day
  • If rash or skin irritation occurs, discontinue use
  • Not for children under 5 years of age
  • Packaging of this product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions

5) Why is there 2 different packaging designs of Breathe Right in the market?

  • Breathe Right Nasal Strip in new packaging design (blue pack) was launched starting from Sept 2007, old packaging (white pack) was replaced accordingly.


Breathe Right is a registered trade mark of the GlaxoSmithKline group of companies


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